Friday, January 6, 2017

News from the Author

It has been a super busy week for me here in small town Georgia! The cotton harvest has begun, right down the road from my house, which means my allergies have been flaring up. Thankfully, I have plenty of hot water, honey, and lemon to take care of them.

Work has been crazy hectic, so I'm still waiting to work on Chapter 9 of my new untitled YA fantasy when I get a good chunk of free time. But I've still been jotting down notes as they come to me, and boy are the ideas flowing! My phone and my journal will be slam full before this book is finished!

Fathoms Above goes to my editor on February 1, something I'm super excited about! I can't wait to dive back into Cather's head (it's always so logical there, and goodness knows I could do with some more of that) and follow her and Hermes as they search for the last living descendant of Pyramus! I already know, seeing as how I wrote it lol, but do yall think they'll find him? Or will Zeus and Athena succeed in stopping him before they do? And if Cather and Hermes do succeed in finding Pyramus's descendant, will Cather fall in love with him like Hermes is afraid of? Or will her love for the deity be enough to conquer all?

Some bookish things I've been doing in what little spare time I have had lately: almost done reading Sara Raasch's Snow Like Ashes, and can I just say, how did I never know that this book existed until now?!?! It is by far and wide one of the BEST fantasy stories I've read in a while, which, considering that fantasy and murder mysteries are pretty much all I read, that's saying something. :) I'm getting ready to take Fathoms Below on the road to Savannah, GA, where I will be the featured author of the January Art Walk. It's this Saturday, so it's almost here, and if you haven't made plans to attend yet, you should totally come see me there! I'll have a booth at the Art Walk all day then will attend a meet and greet with dinner and cocktails at a local hotel, during which I will also be giving a presentation of Fathoms Below and signing copies for sale. See my Facebook page or Goodreads page for more information about this exciting event! Fathoms Below went on sale on the shelf at the Hawkinsville Dispatch & News!! I even attended author Susan Dennard's Clan Chat last night on Twitter in honor of her upcoming release of Windwitch, sequel to the fabulous Truthwitch (another must-read for any die-hard fantasy fan). There I chatted with Susan and other Witchlands fans, took a quiz to find out what my Witchlands spirit animal is (I got the Mountain Bat! Full details on my Twitter page), and basically tweeted more in the span of a few hours than I normally do in a whole day lol.

Well, I guess that's it for now! Longest blog post ever, I know. But as tomorrow is my daughter's birthday (she's turning 8! How did that happen?!), I will be offline for a full twenty-four hours. So until next I write, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and whatever it is you're reading, keep at it!